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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Korean Beauty Square

I join the member of Korean Beauty Square for almost 1 year..
I bought the mask, moisturizer, eye cream and the BB Cream(Triple Function Pink)..

Well, all are not suitable for me..
I got more pimples on my face..
I went for facial and I was told that they are too oily for me as my skin still young :P
Haha.. Then I left them for my *MUM* and they suits her..
This experience tells me.. Not to follow what advertisement said or friend suggested but understand own skin before buying anything to put on it.. (=

So, currently I'm only using KBS's Balm UV Spf 20 PA++ BB Cream..

and the kimchi body scrub..

The Balm UV BB Cream is quite nice..
but since I bought the Vichy Spf15,
now I more prefer use that than BB cream..
As I don't need to use make up remover to remove it (=

The Kimchi Body Scrub smells nice..
Not that kind very very sweet one,
but is a comfortable smell.. (=
I enjoy scrubbing weekly after bath..
*So sweet..*


Accidentally found that SaSa has own website..
Many product can be found there..
Such as

Jurlique, (product that we can't get in Malaysia..)

or Estee Lauder,

SK-II and more..

Furthermore, the price is cheaper compare to market price that we can get in Malaysia..
Especially when it is having promotion!!
We can view the comment of the product before purchasing it..
However, I drop by SaSa shops few time..
But many brand only get can from website but not in shop..
I can't try them.. Too bad..
But at least I find a nice and safe place to surf and buy the brand that we can't get in Malaysia..

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Ice Kacang Puppy Love is a profoundly emotional tale of teenager's puppy love, parental love, generation gap, truth and make-believe. Set in a unique small town of 1980's Malaysia, the story evolves between a nice but shame boy - Botak and a brave and adventurous girl - Da Jia Yu.

(Source: Grand Brilliance Sdn. Bhd.)"

Ah Niu
Cast: Ah Niu, Lee Sinje, Gary Chaw, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Nicholas Teo"

After watching this movie..
I feel quite touching with the story.
Lee Sinje really did a good job in this movie.
In some scene,
she really makes us burst into tears..
(Not only me, those girls beside me also..)

The story is talked about the love in our life..
The puppy love..
The pure and simple love before we get in this complicated society.
Well, it makes me remember some sweet memory..
My past.. Some sweet moment..
Yes.. We should keep our sweet memory..
And continue fight for our next day..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Michael Jackson

Earth Song is one of Michael Jackson's song and is my favourite too.

Well, Michael Jackson is being misunderstood by most of the people.

Many people believe the news that announce he changed his skin color, had special habit, look down on his own race and others.

Actually, he is a kind and nice person.

He loves kid and his heart is pure like a kid.

He are one of the people that donate most in the world.

And his song, especially this Earth Song,
express how much he loves the world.

This blog

shows us the truth that Michael Jackson is being misunderstood.

He never changes his skin color but it is a disease that make his skin white.

If there is any operation can make the skin white, then why still so many people with black skin?

He never looks down on his race and even his skin color.

All are just what the newspaper wrote, and those who wanna harm him made these news!!

Well, I believe fact will speak.

Rest in Peace, MJ..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ingredient of Skincare

The best thing I found during my research of skincare,
is that I found a website that can show me the ingredient of the skincare products.

We can choose either english or chinese version.
such as Vichy Normaderm

I can see the ingredient has Aqua, Glycerin, Alcohol Denat and others.

I can see the function of ingredient is Solvent,
whether the ingredient cause Comedogenic or Irritation,
with the level of safety of the product.

It is so useful for me to view them before purchase.

It's really nice and detail.

Must try (=

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19th for 1901!!

Every 19th of the month..
I will visit 1901!!
As the lucky 19th ..
I can get RM2.99 for Chicago Beef or New York Chicken..
Both are so nice!!

if consume it for normal day..
As a set meal..
People will wonder why it costs about RM10+..
It's nice but consider little expensive..

That's why I only eat on 19th..
So far I had tried all favour of them..

I still prefer Chicago Beef and next is New York Chicken..

*..Yummy Yummy..*
Feel free to drop by 1901 next time ^^

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shihlin *FOOD*

Everytime I hang out in any shopping mall in KL..Such as Mid Valley, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid..I always will drop by Shihlin for Fooooooood!!

"XXL Crispy ChickenA large, tender and succulent piece of bone-in chicken breast, painstakingly marinated to perfection, coated with imported flour and fried to a golden crisp. A special blend of oriental spices is sprinkled on top of the crust, and the chicken is served uncut for maximum goodness. The XXL Crispy Chicken is best eaten while hot."

It is really big and it costs RM6!! Don't consume too often or you will be fat :P

"A special stock comprising 5 core ingredients, brewed over a slow flame, forms the soup base for the imported mee sua. Only handmade mee sua is used for its superior flavour and texture. A generous amount of oysters and shredded chicken is added before serving. The Handmade Oyster Mee Sua is best eaten while hot."

I prefer this than XXL Crispy Chicken and the price is RM6 too.. Especially the OYSTER!!

Last but not least..
Recently I found that One Utama has two Shihlin and both selling the different thing..
One is same like what we can see from the website..
Another is selling set meal only and there are 5 favour if I didn't remember wrong..
Go find and try for it.. Rm9.90.. with refillable red tea...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


That day pass by the WATSON in Mid Valley,
found that these products are having promotion.

I had made some research about skincare before and realize Vichy has some good reputation.

Well, I always think of trying it but no chance to try it before buy it xD

And yes!! I got a chance to try it that day in Mid Valley.
The promoter has a good attitude and explains the product to me nicely and clearly.

First, she lets me try the 4th product in the picture above which has spf 15 and another product in blue color with spf 50.
Well, I choose this because after I leave it on my skin, it's light and gone in few seconds.
I feel like nothing left on my skin and my skin will able to breathe, that's what I want!!
Oily thing will make my face bad..
*P/S: I did ask the promoter whether I need to use make up remover to remove it or not, and answer is NO!! It is so convenient for me ^^

After that, she uses the 1st product(Cleanser) in the picture to clean my hand and put on the 2nd product(Toner).
Hmm, my skin feels fresh and clean. There are two kind of toner but the promoter suggest me to use the 0% Alcohol one, and it's really nice !!

The 3rd product is something like moisturizer, it's non-oily after using it.

There are 3 series of products there, for oil-free, hydrating and whitening and I use the first one.
Actually I was interested in the whitening one but the promoter says my skin is still oily and it is not suitable for me )=

Well, after some days of using them, my face is not longer oily after I wake up every morning.

It boosts my day..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bar BQ Plaza... Yeah..

I always visit Bar BQ Plaza 3 to 4 times in a month.

The shops can be found in Sunway Pyramid, Times Square, One Utama and Puchong IOI.

Since I had tried all 4 shops of BarBQ Plaza.
I love One Utama's one the most..

The reason is the quality of food, environment and service. (=

I mostly order the Supreme Mix which includes Pork, Beef, Cabbage, BACON, Chicken and more.. Bacon is my FAVOURITE!!

And must eat with the sauce..

No worry IF you are a new comer..
There is signboard shows you HOW TO COOK!!

And I always enjoy eating there for 2 hours while other couple who order more than us eat only less than 1 hour!!

If eat there during the lunch time.. I forget when the lunch time start but know it ends at 5pm..

During the lunch time, there are promotions.. Either Lunch SET, each for RM11.90.. Or Student Promotion with 20% in a set..

So.. Normally.. It costs me around less than RM20 per meal at here.. But I enjoy the fullness of joy!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow is my favourite actor..

When I was young.. I used to watch his movie and drama.

His movie has accompanied me since young till now.

However, nowadays got many bad news of him,

but that never spoil his good impression in my heart.

His movie is especially irreplaceable in our heart..

Such as King of Beggars, God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai, Tricky Brains and more..

Last time I had stored all of his movie but since format my laptop..

All had gone.. T_T

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Queenie Chan

Recently I accidentally found this blogger, Queenie Chan ..
She is an airline stewardess and works for Entertainments TVB, some newspaper and some cooking tv programmes.

She has her own blog introduces her life in words and pictures and youtube channel to teach us some skincare and make up knowledge.

I learn some food recipes and skincare knowledge from her.

From her blog, she shows us the cruel of world and the beauty of life.
Her blog quotes that "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.----William Churchill "

I found her books in Popular book shop but it teaches me how to do skincare and mask with herb medicine =.= It is not convenient for me.

Well, she makes me believe that we can make a life by what we give and she proves it !!

Her skin is nicer than mine but she is 38 already.. Unbelievable!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

*Yawn* Oat


Just went for a bloodtest last month and get a bad report.

My health is getting worse and worse.

*Yawn* My mum is forcing me to drink oatmilk with oat and eat oat bread for daily /=

It is really a bad nightmare for me every morning.

Well, after repeatly consume them for some weeks,
I slowly realize I do love them!!

Especially the oatmilk, it is not that bad taste like normal milk and doesn't cause my stomach makes trouble to me anymore.

I can enjoy my toilet time daily in the morning.. ^^

So nowadays, mostly after I had some oily or heavy food outside,
I will made one cup of oatmilk with oat for myself.

A healthy life with the joy of life ^^

Monday, May 3, 2010

Thomas Sabo

That day window shopping in The Garden..
Pass by a shop name Thomas Sabo..
I was addicted to the watches..
I expected the price is around RM1xxx due to the design of the shop..
But after asking the price..
It is RM2000++
Oh my god..
I can't afford these sweetie..
Those watches I like is in the series of IT Girl..
There are few colors such as blue, purple, white, black, orange,
but I like black the most..

I'm the collector of CASIO, but Thomas Sabo really look nicer than it..
Well.. Maybe after I graduate and I got better economic basic..
Perhaps I will have the chance to buy it.. (=

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Food Trip

My friends went my hometown to find me for fooooood..
I brought them for "Ge Zap"..
My parent asked me order each kind for one for all of them..
When the food come..
Oh my god.. So many >.<

The picture only show 30% of them..

We cant take all of them down in one picture..

After the yummy "Ge Zap",
I bring them visit few place of my hometown..
After that..

We went for seafood..

So lucky we saw the birds fly in group there..
It is so beautiful..

We got the "Ham Dam Crab" and everyone start crazy eating so nobody want to take the pictures of other food.. =.=

Hmm.. After eating..
We are on the way back to KL..
Wish there are chances we can surf for more food again..